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Awrosoft at a glance

Awrosoft is a Kurdistan based information technology development, consulting and services company established on 2006 to offer world class programming and communication services. We provide comprehensive set of software products and solutions coupled with a range of IT services.

Our services include custom software development, web and mobile software development, website design and development, systems development; systems analysis; data conversion; network design and implementation and other IT services.

We offer competency-based IT solutions in Iraq. These solutions are offered with one main goal making sure you and your staff will be competent and productive.

The Servcies & Solutions include the following:

  • Business software solutions for mid & large size businesses across manufacturing, service and commercial industries
  • Business software solutions for small size businesses
  • Custom-made IT solutions for the public sectors
  • Training
  • Implementation
  • Technical support of software systems
  • Advanced Network engineering services and data security
  • Telecom Services (VoIP, SMS Services, Call Center, Billing System, Video Conferencing)
  • Video and Live Streaming
  • Website Design & Programming
  • Web Hosting
  • Cloud Services
  • Automation Systems (PLC/SCADA Design & Programming)
  • Smart Home Solution
  • IT Consultation & Manage Service

Why Awrosoft   

Why Awrosoft

  • Founded in 2006
  • We have many success stories in differemt industries and domains
  • Employs over 15 professionals with different skills and experience
  • Has Office in 3 provinces and leverages a network of offices that can provide services across Iraq
  • Has served over 75 customers in different industries and organizations
  • Has several products including HR, Finance, Payroll, DMS,...
  • Consistent expansion of products and services Over time
Potential Outcomes

  • Provide a stable and long term partner for our customers
  • Able to expand and grow as our customers grow
  • Able to serve our customers timely & efficiently regardless of their physical location
  • Leverage lessons learned and leading practices from our previous experiences to help our customers accelerate their value realization
  • Provide cutting edge technology and prepare our customers for future needs
  • Able to form sustainable strategic alliance partnerships

Join Us

In order to reach and serve customers, Awrosoft is constantly looking for competent highly skilled individuals specialized in all aspects of a software and network solution provider company. Within different divisions at Awrosoft we have had graduates from universities in Iraq, Sweden, Lebanon, USA and United Kingdom. If you are interested to join our family, please email us at : [email protected]