Founded in 2006, Awrosoft is an Erbil-headquartered provider of custom software development and IT consulting services. We provide comprehensive set of software solutions and products coupled with a range of IT services.


Awro eCommerce
Awro eCommerce is an eCommerce platform fitting every merchant’s needs: it powers both corporate and small business sites, companies selling physical and digital goods. Awro eCommerce is a transparent and well-structured solution, it combines best features of open-source and commercial software.
With Hevra ERP, all vital business functions— human resources, time & attendance, payroll, accounting, procurement, warehouse, purchasing, and project management—share a central source of up-to-the-minute information. Hevra ERP streamlines the collection, storage and use of your organization’s data.

HevraERP includes below modules: 1- Human Resource 2- Time & Attedance 3- Payroll Management 4- Accounting 5- Procurement 6- Warehouse 7- Project Managment 8- Point Of Sale (POS) 9- News & Event

Awro DMS
Awro Document Management System (Awro DMS) simply is designed and developed for using a computer system to store, manage and track electronic documents and electronic images of paper-based information captured through the use of a document scanner.
This system allows businesses to control the production, storage, management and distribution and process flow of electronic documents/letters, yielding greater effectiveness and the ability to reuse information and to control the flow of the documents. Awro DMS is a document management software that integrates all essential document management, collaboration and an advanced search functionality into one easy to use solution. The system also includes administration tools to define the roles of various users, access control level of document security, detailed logs of activity and automation setup.
Awro CMS
Awro Content Management System (Awro CMS) provides rich digital content, including images, descriptions, and more, for websites and web applications. Content is sourced from major manufacturers and dynamically updated on your website, ensuring it's always current. Easy-to-use interface for management of your digital content from one source.
Awro CMS is a flexible and future-friendly content management platform that lets you easily publish content across platforms. Editors manage content interactively in an easy-to-use editing interface. Our customers choose us because of the flexibility and stability of our content modelling and content delivery.
Awro Archive
Over time important business documents, such as letters, contracts or project documentation can reach significant volumes and take up precious and expensive storage space. Moreover, manually searching for relevant data can consume untold amount of employee's time.
Awro Archive Solution helps organizations to save on facility costs, reduce working hours and significantly speed up business processes by converting business documents into digital records that can be electronically archived, efficiently managed and easily accessed. The documents are easily readable on different electronic devices, easily accessible from remote locations and can be centrally archived in digital libraries, electronic archives or in Document Management Systems. This quick, anywhere access to digitally stored business documents (with defined access rights) can significantly speed up internal processes and increase the efficiency of any company.
AwroNore is a health app program that offers Health & Beauty related services like appointments, finding specialist doctors, patient details and electronic prescriptions. The app is in 3 languages in 3 cities ( Erbil, Duhok & Suli)
We Started with some Questions
1. Have you ever looked for a doctor and you don’t know where to find ?
2. What do you do to find your needed doctor?
3. Where do you get contact of the doctors?
4. How do you know you can visit them and they are available?
5. How do you know how long you have to wait for your turn at the clinic?
6. Do you ever have any record of your previous doctor visits? Results? Issues?
7. Are you sure the visited doctor is a good choice?


We choose development practices tailored to your specific business needs.

Project ScopeDevelopment Gather requirements Functional specifications Design and plan Technical design doc Software prototype Development testing Delivery Software product Technical doc User manual Setup program Stabilization Testing Bug fixing Optimization Maintenance Maintenance process Upgrade
Project Scope
Upon the submission of the Request for Quote, Awrosoft assigns a team to gather and analyze the requirements and create vision/scope documents. The team prepares functional specifications, design, detailed plans for sprints/iterations and delivery, as well as cost estimates.
The development process starts off with creating Technical Design Documents (TDD), Project Plans and Test Plans. Awrosoft builds a software prototype to simulate the future application and receive feedback from the customer. When all the features are implemented and integrated according to the requirements, the team performs development testing and comes up with a user guide.
In this stage, the solution undergoes a full cycle of testing with bug fixing to ensure that software is running flowlessly.
Upon the delivery of the project, client receives Software product, Technical documentation, User manual, Setup program and Installation and maintenance instructions.
Once the software passes through all the stages without any issues, it is to undergo a maintenance process wherein it will be maintained and upgraded from time to time to adapt to changes.


What kind of solutions are a possible with AWROSOFT

Awrosoft offers development of powerful, one-of-a-kind software intended to meet customer's unique demands.